Bear Beat’s mesmerizing new single “Bolivia”

British producer Bear Beat delights us with his brand new track “Bolivia”. A mesmerizing beat that invites us to dance, delivering interesting sounds and acting as a showcase for the producer’s excellent sound design techniques.



“Bear Beat is an Musical enigma bursting onto the scene after years in hibernation developing the belief to take his music talent seriously.”

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a brand new upcoming single that will delight any electronic music fan out there. Especially if you’re into House music! This single has it all and it was inspired by some of the greats, so let’s get going!

Bear Beat is a Producer, DJ & Beat Maker. Free from the boundaries of genre, he puts emotion and meaning into all of his work. Inspired by the sounds and music of artists like Solomun, Chemical Brothers, and The Prodigy, Bear Beat also finds inspiration from bands like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, and even Metallica. Dedicated to his beats, melodies, and rhythms, the producer aims to break the mold of all the electronic dance genres representing challenge, growth & opportunity reaching out to those lost in an ever-increasing anxious connected world.

“Bolivia” is one long track (over 7 minutes long), but it divides into three sections, the first one being a more organic beat with nature-like elements, just as if we were in the jungles of Bolivia. A countdown delivers the heads-up every time a change is about to enter, and we then found ourselves in section two. A more aggressive bass makes its appearance, just like those used by The Prodigy, as well as some epic opera vocals.

Bolivia was created by Bear Beat with the soul purpose of introducing a faster more frantic range of sound to his listeners following on from a collection of slower tempo releases.

Section three delivers the house vocals, preparing us for the upcoming finale, and the beat slowly builds up back again into a frantic rhythm of kicks and ethereal synths. A huge ambience of elements surrounds our ears, as all the sections become one, bringing us to the song’s last dance section.


Bear Beat "Bolivia" press photo
“With a passion for music since a young age, Bear has spent years submerged in all genres with an acute obsession for various forms of sounds & melodies.”

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