The Sacrificing Hands weave the magical filaments of past and present in “Ghosts on Wigan Lane”

“Ghosts of Wigan Lane” is a new full-length release coming from the experimental folky outfit The Sacrificing Hands. Released just recently at the end of March, the album takes a dive into the foggy landscape where events and creatures of the past still linger in the present.


Wigan Lane is a historic location where the Battle of Wigan Lane took place in 1651 between Parliamentarians and Royalists, the latter of whom lost the war. For Andrew Spencer aka The Sacrificing Hands, Wigan is also his birthplace and the old battleground where he used to play with other kids was known to them as the “bloody meadow”. Andrew, currently living in Denver, has lots of memories connected to that location and his new LP is based on them. But instead of nostalgia and innocence, the artist has tapped into the dark magic energy that surrounded the kids at the meadow.

The Sacrificing Hands press photo "ghosts on wegan lane"

“With this release I’m exploring the ideas of memory, myth and magic and how each of these themes touch on a place from my childhood. Memories are like ghosts haunting this place. Not just my memories but those of all the folk that have lived there. Myths and legends are everywhere in the UK and, as kids, they were part and parcel of our play.”

The Sacrificing Hands

The haunting folk album is home to 9 tracks, each based on an incident that happened to the artist around Wigan Lane. Dark, mythical, and ambiguous, the release creates this eerie atmosphere where events that happened so long ago still have lasting effects, and the time passed has allowed those effects to become magical and ghostly.

At its core “Ghosts on Wigan Lane” is an experimental release uniting folk and elements of the occult. It’s also entirely instrumental by choice to allow listeners to fill in the spaces with their own experiences, instead of being led on by what the lyrics would say. On the most basic level, it’s a calm-paced record featuring lots of organ-like sounds intertwined with guitars both acoustic and electronic, but the atmosphere it builds up is very otherworldly and makes you feel like you’re standing on a rift between the distant past and the present.

Quite a unique body of work.

“Expect instrumentals that speak to the heart and evoke feelings and emotions. I’ve introduced some vocal elements (courtesy of my good friend Andy J). I’m very proud of this LP and I hope it brings some enjoyment to a whole range of folks.”

The Sacrificing Hands

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