LAUTMALR – “In Between The Noise”

Berlin-based LAUTMALR producer embraces diversity and complexity in his upcoming album “In Between The Noise”. An electronic album filled with granular textures and surrounding atmospheres. From ethereal melodies to deep kick and bass, this album is a highly achieved production, a blend between the digital and the organic.


In this album, LAUTMALR presents 8 tracks of mesmerizing sonic qualities, from somber to magical, the album moves forward like a motion picture, just like a soundtrack taken out of an art film. Oh, by the way, welcome back everybody! It’s your boy MadZen, and today we will take a deep dive into this artist’s musical vision. Let’s get it!

Dealing with self-discovery and identity, LAUTMALR wanted to let go of everything shutting him down, the preconceived opinions, and the cages they can provide. In an effort to escape the noise of today’s world, LAUTMALR found out that he feels so much better living in between it.

The album is, in a word, gorgeous. Carefully designed synths, deep round basses, and lush textures make us travel through a world of peace, calm, inner thoughts, and self-appreciation. Opening track “The Flicker” sets the tone with an epic landscape of futuristic sounds, big, and ethereal. Then “Escape” turns up the pace with a more Techno beat, but still maintains the sense of wonder and drift of the unknown.

“Silver Lining” and “Evolve” take us to a beautiful world where fantasy feels very much alive, a place where nothing’s wrong, where one is at peace with oneself and everybody. Truly a magical experience. “Feel” hits us with a more pop-ish vibe, with vocal synths and a downtempo beat. I could go on and on about how beautiful the rest of the songs are but it’ll just take me forever, so it’s best if you just hit that play button now.

A short film created by LAUTMALR is also being released, kind of like a music video with a more artistic and personal approach, shot in the city of Berlin. In it we find the artist roaming around, seemingly without a destination, through the city’s underground and some of its beautiful industrial landscapes. Spoken word sets on top of the music, with LAUTMALR’s deeply personal thoughts, delivered in an almost poetic way.


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