Greg Bounce springs into action-filled hopeful life in new single “Find a Love”

Life is too short to sit around and remain still. Greg Bounce realized the bleak truth that life ends for us all at some point, and that thought was what spurred him to write “Find a Love”. The danceable new single is out now to spread its uplifting and captivating message all around throughout the summer and beyond.


Greg Bounce, a singer-songwriter originally from London, but who found his creative vein in Lisbon, has been releasing solid soulful electronica-infused pop music since 2021 (Can I Now Feel? and Frango Magic EP). There’s creative magic in the city of Lisbon, which fits Greg to a T, and that has resulted in some prolific release schedules and music that has reached quite a wide audience with its magical feel-good sound.

Greg Bounce "Find Love" artwork
The single’s artwork is by Jerry-Lee Bosmans, a visual artist based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, who creates abstract graphic art using vibrant colours, geometric shapes, and playful compositions.

“Find a Love”, the new song that was released just recently on May 25th, is also magical with its flowing chorus of vocals that instill the feeling of endless hope. In addition to that, the piano-driven funky song runs on a whole bunch of energy that celebrates life and invites us of taking the most out of it.

Try new things, feel new feelings, and take a chance – “Find a Love” becomes an anthem urging you to experience life to the fullest. This airy and positive single has all the potential to become a solid single of the summer!

Listen to “Find a Love” now on your favorite platforms.

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