My Friend The Sun releases shimmery debut EP “The Orchestra of Life”

Uplifting, caressing, and filled with positive energy, My Friend The Sun’s new EP has proved itself to be a real mood lifter. There is little concern in what genre or sound it fits – instead, the release concentrates on what’s really important in us and our lives, and it does so through lovely gentle story-esque tunes.


“The Orchestra of Life” is a release with a spiritual soul embedded in lively indie sound inspired by folk, prog rock and traditional music, among others. It’s home to 4 tracks with a total runtime shy of 16 minutes, and that timeframe fits loads of beautiful emotions and elevating messages. The title track alone is already highly inspiring, as it speaks of the importance of being true to yourself – you’re part of a symphony, but only you can play your part. “Only you can reach that note, no-one else can play your part”, he sings in a highly elevated tone that encourages you to realize that you are an important someone.

The title track is followed by a gentle dream-state experience titled “There Is Only One Song”, a warm embrace in early Pink Floyd-esque sound, with lyrics of the kind of ambiguity that is common to dreams. “The Obstacles are the Path” is an upbeat song depicting the relationship between us and nature, and how the latter vital life lessons, the Obstacles, keep growing us as humans. “World of Wonders” closes the journey with an ethereal Beatles-inspired song of praise to life and the world we get to live in. “Everything is possible,” the song chants, urging us to keep an open eye on all that the world has to offer.

My Friend The Sun is a duo led by Norwegian musicians Ole Tom Torjussen and Eivind S. Johansen. They entered the studio sometime when the pandemic struck the world, as Eivind had 3 song demos to record. Due to an unforeseen burst of creativity, the number of song demos they had in the works grew tenfold and now rests at a whole 30 songs. Now, Ole Tom and Eivind are preparing to release the songs into the wild, with “The Orchestra of Life” being the first installment coming from the duo of artists. There are more EPs to follow later in the year, as well!


Listen to “The Orchestra of Life” now on your favorite platforms!

My Friend The Sun "The Orchestra Of Life" press photo
Ole Tom plays keyboards, synths, bass guitar, drums and percussion
Eivind does the singing, plays acoustic guitar, the oud, and occasional keyboards

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