MadZen feat. Kimmerly new single “Pablo Picasso”

American singer, Kimmerly, teams up with Mexican producer, MadZen, to create “Pablo Picasso”. A seductive electronica track with relaxing vibes that brings up the best of both artists. Organic and melodic, this single is a must-listen.



What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen, once again with another brand new upcoming tune for y’all, this time in collaboration with the amazing American artist, Kimmerly. Reaching out to me on social media after listening to some of my tracks, Kimmerly wasted no time on proposing we made a track together. Of course, I couldn’t refuse!

I got in touch with MadZen after discovering his music on Instagram and immediately knew I wanted to do some sort of collaboration. The lyrics for ‘Pablo Picasso’ had come to me a little while back, but I didn’t have a melody in mind at the time so I just added them to a note on my phone. When I heard the instrumentals he send over in the early stages of our project, I knew that the concept would fit perfectly! I decided to keep the lyrics pretty simple and do more with the vocals and some added instrumentals. The whole process was very fun and organic. I’m very glad to have worked with MadZen!


Kimmerly is a very sensitive artist, leaning towards the most artistic side of music. She’s inspired by famous painters, as you can tell by the title of this track, as well as any kind of artwork you can find inside a museum. Her voice is soft, yet powerful and seductive, her unique embrace and connection to her emotions help create that distinguished sound that’s both vulnerable and expressive.

“Pablo Picasso” is the result of the combination of a downtempo/electronica track, which I produced, with Kimmerly’s anti-romantic lyrics. It seems that she wrote the song for a specific someone, as she sings directly to him/her. Letting him/her know that she’s been blue, but is now done feeling sorry and she’s ready to shine again. The little nods to the famous painter, Picasso, give the track its title.

Her emotions of both strength and sadness seem to be reinforced by the emotional trumpets in the chorus, adding a sense of nostalgia, but also of triumph. In a nutshell, this track offers a lot of depth, and a story that leaves the listener wondering, while also providing a smooth, groovy atmosphere to relax or slow dance to.

So, listen now!

Madzen & KIMMERLY "Pablo Picasso" artwork


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