MAL Leverages Chaos with “Madness as Lift”

Aggro-Alt-Rock Indie Rockers MAL have a brand-new single dropping this Friday, June 23rd! This single is slated to be the fourth single leading up to the release of their full-length album titled “Come to Light” coming out in August 2023. Of particular note to me, is that the name of the upcoming new song is “Madness as Lift,” which by my account (*as I scurry through the discography just to confirm*), would seem to me as though the title provides an insight behind the band name itself (M.A.L. if you will).



Purely speculative on my part, nothing I have here to firmly verify that, but seeing as though we’ve covered the last three singles here on #LT1KF, it does leave me pondering whether there has been an underlying acronymic meaning this whole time!

The song is darker sounding than the more upbeat “Hero’s Gold,”

Yet more chaotic than the darkness of “Besides,”

And the polyrhythmic rhythms in it takes the aggro vibe of “Come To Light” to a more disturbing place.

I think it’s a great arc in their overall sound, and perhaps my favorite of the singles released to date. My first impression of it struck me as somewhere between Tool and Nine Inch Nails. Certainly, I would recommend it for fans of darker 90s Alternative Rock. Adding to the “lore” of the track, the band has this to offer as to what the song is about:

“Madness As Lift” is a reflection of the world we live in. With all of the darkness and lunacy, life is still what one makes of it. We as artists realize just how fine the line is between dedicating oneself to the fringe ideas of some cult or to the never-ending flow of music in our heads and bandmates. Similarly, we choose to let the madness lift us.

MAL on the meaning of the song “Madness As Lift”


Hailing from Van Nuys, California, the band has a lot of experience touring, gigging, and being in other projects. The current lineup’s members were formally involved with notable acts such as Boy Hits Car, DING MAO, and Blackcast. MAL is a three-piece band consisting of Krisopher Jung (vocals/guitar), Peter Hollywood (Bass), and Brendan Reynolds (Drums).

They hit their stride in 2012, taking what was initially a passion project and creating a remarkably self-sustaining momentum, finding themselves regularly booked for gigs around the L.A. area and currently on tour (check out their Spotify bio for tour dates). They are a solid, sonically charged band with exciting new endeavors on the horizon! But don’t take my word for it, here’s what a former member of 30 Seconds to Mars had to say about the band:

Stuck looking for a band that doesn’t sound like every other “indie” band at the present moment? Ears craving some pure, raw Rock ‘N Roll? Then give MAL a listen. (They are) A sound so robust and melodic is difficult to master given a structure built on only three solid components, but this band has more to offer than most four, five, or even six-piece bands.

Kevin Drake, former guitar player for 30 Seconds to Mars

Lastly, I’ll leave you with what the band cites as their 3 all-time favorite albums on Apple Music (from their Apple Music bio, obviously):

  • Deftones, “Ko No Yokan”
  • Failure, “Fantastic Planet”
  • Jane’s Addiction, “Ritual de lo Habitual”

I can honestly say that I love all three of those albums as well! It is a fine depiction of their range of influence and for fans of those albums, this band’s music would certainly resonate.

MAL press photo for "Madness As Lift"


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