D’Khem & MadZen’s powerful new single “Yalla”

Mexican producers D’Khem and MadZen transport us to the Middle East with “Yalla”, their first collaboration ever, resulting in a fantastic Organic House track that will delight your senses. Out Now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! Yes, it is me once again, your boy MadZen! Today I want to share with you a new track that I’m sure all you electronica lovers will like. A danceable beat perfect for a sunny day or a rainy afternoon. Let’s get it!

D’Khem created the foundational beat as well as the ethereal female vocals, while MadZen added foreign instruments and Arabic chants.


Y’all know me, I make electronic music. But let me introduce you to D’Khem, a great Mexican producer who I met thanks to our common label: Ixitia Records. He approached me after listening to my last few tracks and proposed to do a collab. Of course, I said yes!

The result is “Yalla”, a magical uptempo track with lots of exotic vibes, spiritual vocals, and worldly instruments from different cultures. It all fuses together in a powerful explosion of musical impulses that invite you to “move”, which after all is what “yalla” means!

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That’s it guys, thank you as always, and see you at the next one!



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