Fish and Scale’s joyful and sunny new “Wonderful” EP

German folk artist Roland Wälzlein just released his brand new EP titled Wonderful under the moniker Fish and Scale. The four-track EP comes as his first record since the gorgeous album “You Can Call Me Love” in 2021, and we’ve already talked about the EP’s opening track “Stay!” back in April – spoiler alert: we loved it!


Over the course of the short thirteen-minute-long EP, Roland navigates the world and mundane daily life through the lenses of a truly folk auteur, not entirely unlike someone such as Leonard Cohen himself. Roland has a way of making anything sound special and unique, his approach to songwriting is incredibly on-point on Wonderful just as much as it’s always been.

His distinctive and classic vocal timbre compliments the rich instrumentals and everything falls into place like that last piece of a jigsaw puzzle: it makes you see the whole picture, and it’s beautiful. Wonderful is a fully realized piece of work, one that makes complete sense when you listen to all of the tracks at once. It’s not a compilation of singles, but a well-thought-out body of work that completes itself and tells the stories it’s supposed to without any sort of fillers.

There’s a dynamism present in the production that elevates the songs to a superior level, and the transitions are golden. Roland just knows how to construct a cohesive record from top to bottom. The way the EP goes from the loud “Don’t Care” to the softer sounds of “Feel” is just brilliant. And the way “Feel” follows that transition with a waltz-like melody is the cherry on top, absolutely.

Wonderful does a brilliant job in expanding the soundscapes painted by Roland in the astonishing “Stay!”, the EP’s lead single, into a full-length work of art. There are only four tracks, but this time he didn’t really need any more than that to make an impact like this. We also get a beautifully-shot lyric video for the title track, the EP’s closer. In it, Roland is just standing in an open field, staring and smiling as the sun hits. There are gorgeous shots of the nature around him, such as flowers and streams and it encapsulates the overall feeling of the EP like nothing else.


Roland’s Fish and Scale project takes itself to brand new levels of wholesomeness both in sounds as well as in lyrics and productions and gives us an EP that is an absolute joy to listen to.


Fish and Scale press photo "Wonderful"
“Wonderful describes various stages of a journey to the origin of the own existence, a journey of self-discovery.”


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