MadZen’s Magic New Single “The Flute”

Organic House producer, MadZen, takes us on a spiritual ride in “The Flute”. A Middle East-inspired track with a magnetic beat, influenced by Turkish culture. Released by the label Cafe de Anatolia. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s me, MadZen, and today we have yet another single release by your boy. This month will be a busy one, as I’m releasing FOUR new tracks, and “The Flute” is the first one. All Middle-East inspired; some in the Downtempo electronic music specter, and some even in the slow techno side! Let’s get it!

“The Flute” is one hell of a ride. A track with lots of different & exotic instruments from countries like Turkey, Lebanon, Greece, and even Syria. An explosion of melody and hypnotic beats, wrapped over an ancestral vibe that connects us to the distant past.

Grounding us with its heartfelt chants and uplifting spirit, the track is filled with surprises: An ever-changing instrumentation, as well as moving rhythms and textures that attract the listener and pull him/her ever closer.

Let yourselves be thrilled by the magic of this danceable beat, and immerse yourselves in a different culture. As always thanks a lot for your support. Listen now!

Madzen "The Flute" artwork

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