Rye Catchers’s 80s synthpop gem “Creeping On Me”

The new single from Milwaukee-based artist Rye Catchers is an 80s dream come true. “Creeping On Me” is a flawless track, that emulates the best of 80s synthpop and translates it to the modern day.


Rye Catchers is the musical project from songwriter and producer David McClintick Roberts, exploring a wide variety of genres, styles, and whims. The music he’s been releasing since 2020 is anything but dull; Roberts has a way of making everything he touches his own and this includes the influences and sounds employed in his music. Roberts knows how to construct great songs, and we’ve already covered some of them like “Sometimes” and “UFO” in the past, so it’s not really a surprise how good “Creeping On Me” is.

Rye Catchers "Creeping On Me" David McClintick Roberts

This time around on “Creeping On Me”, he takes us on a trip to 80s pop and it’s marvelous. Delicate in its subject matter, “Creeping On Me” deals with online stalking and how much someone you know (or don’t) can have access to your entire life through social media, and they can just stay there over your profile like a shadow without ever saying anything. It’s kind of dark, actually, but a very current and interesting concept for a song. With lyrics such as ‘it’s just a feeling that I get every time I’m on the internet, you never make a sound but I know that you’re creeping around‘, “Creeping On Me” could go very bleak very quickly.

But it doesn’t; it’s an absolute banger of a song, that hooks you up from the very first seconds with its overblown synths and catchy melodies, with strong guest vocals from Nikki Simmons. Her vocals sell this song, like a young Madonna during her best “Borderline” days.

Rye Catchers "Creeping On Me" Nikki Simmons

In its music video, we get footage of people watching what appears to be a hidden camera while a masked figure dances between the shots. It’s a creepy video, but it works so well with the subject of the song. “Creeping On Me” is a Rye Catchers song at its finest: beautifully put together, featuring meaningful and powerful lyrics at the same time that it just goes so hard and makes you want to dance. David McClintick Roberts is once again on the path to greatness with a very interesting song – and perfectly produced.






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