Daniel Lerner’s new EP “good game!” is an essay on heartbreak and its physical symptoms

New Yorker indie artist Daniel Lerner strikes back with a brand new five-track EP called good game! and he sounds absolutely refreshing. Daniel’s already got several singles and a full-length album on his back, and this time he comes back around to push things in an exciting new direction. In his previous work, the singer and songwriter did some interesting genre-defying indie music, blending together a wide variety of styles such as folk and indie pop, and now on “good game!” he adds an extra layer to his sounds.


good game! Is Daniel Lener once again pushing the boundaries of his own sound, adding some noise pop influences as well as surf rock and psychedelia to the mix. The result is a near-flawless piece of work, sonically cohesive that feels comforting and bold at the same time. Daniel Lerner on this EP seems to be following the footsteps of incredible artists like Mac DeMarco and Conor Oberst, while still managing to sound absolutely like himself every step of the way.

The EP is tied together by the simple question Daniel asked himself: “Can emotional heartbreak feel physical?” and yes, it can. Over the course of the tracks, Daniel sings about physical manifestations of heartbreak – “each song is named after a fight move or sensation of physical harm”, he continues. This makes the absolutely on-point songwriting feel even more painful and vulnerable, as Daniel explores his soundscapes and lets each song take its individual form.

The wide variety of influences Daniel Lerner lets into this five-song EP is astounding, and it makes for a very dynamic and powerful listen. This goes from the in-your-face indie rock of opener “Haymaker”, with its sunny aesthetics and shout-along backing vocals. good game! is Daniel doing a wonderful job in exploring the most diverse moods and feelings, going through several stages of heartbreak, and making all of the symptoms – headaches, fatigue, heaviness in the chest – seem completely genuine.

The folk ballad “Punch Drunk Love” is the emotional centerpiece of the album, as Daniel sings ‘what kind of post-love do you want?’ over soft guitars and minimal production that works so well in building up an atmosphere that encircles you. It’s such an intimate song, it feels like he’s quietly sitting right beside you. Someone like Phoebe Bridgers could do serious damage with a song such as “Punch Drunk Love”, and Daniel sounds absolutely confident as he delivers the lines and is joined by New York singer Sophie Said in the last verses. It’s an absolute stunner.

Daniel Lerner press photo "good game"

Daniel Lerner brought us along on an emotional, painful, and vulnerable journey as he dissects the physical harm and sensations that having your heart broken can bestow upon you. Across the five tracks that make the EP, we get his best collection of sounds, melodies, and lyrics yet. good game! stands tall as Daniel’s finest body of work, an EP in which he managed to expand his sound and add new things that sound exciting and interesting.



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