Eyþór Alexander’s fun new single “I Need More”

Icelandic artist, Eyþór Alexander, makes us dance with his brand-new single “I Need More”. A funkadelic experience of ragtime beats, jazzy chords, and a big band sound. Out now!


What’s going on ladies and gents, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a fun, fun, fun new track with lots and lots of groove, and a wonderful musicality. Brought to us by this Icelandic artist, “I Need More” dives deep into the story of a man who can get no satisfaction. Let’s get to it!

Eyþór Alexander is a musician/pianist born in Akureyri, Iceland. Distancing himself from a specific genre, “Alex” achieves his creative expression with the help of a variety of other great musicians. He’s no stranger to playing live with other people, but he is now creating a portfolio of songs so he can finally begin playing his own music.

Although he doesn’t have any specific influences, “I Need More” draws inspiration from bands like Tower of Power. The result is a fantastic musical performance, similar to Funk Rock / Pop acts like Jamiroquai, with all-analog instruments like piano, bass, drum kit, trumpets, and keyboards. As groovy as it gets, the track takes us on a joy ride of musical virtuosity and amazing compositions.

I Need More is about a very ambitious man who is constantly chasing this dream he has. But no matter how high he climbs he never seems to get to a point where he is satisfied with life… he always needs more.” – Alexander

It is a kind of track that we don’t normally get here on the blog, and we’re very pleased with it. So, go ahead and listen now!

Eyþór Alexander "I Need More" press photo


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