PolSky’s fun and introspective debut album “Executive Functions”

With an utter and complete mastery, British “Indie Corp” band PolSky, debuted with “Executive Functions”. A delightful full-length album from start to finish, filled with energetic Pop bits as well as soothing and space-rocky tracks. Out now!

What’s going on ladies and gentlemen, welcome back! It’s your boy MadZen and today we have a fantastic, fantastic album. I can’t emphasise enough how well done it is, or how excellent the compositions are. The sound is just majestic, the vibe is out of this world, the melodies are catchy, beats are bouncy…

“Executive Functions” comes with 12 tracks, and it is an album about the heavy burden of today’s life. Short attention spans, feelings of unachievable dreams, ominous news every day, and uncertainty of the truth are just some of the things we face in present reality. Lead singer, Kris Warren explains:

“The album was written In response to the upheaval of recent times and our increasingly Kafka-esque reality, placing myself as protagonist, the songs on ‘Executive Functions’ offer a singular glimpse into my experience of human frailty and information overload, musically exploring all the beauty, ugliness, thrills and desperation that we are confronted with in the modern world”.

PolSky is a band with a unique and interesting “corporate theme”, with job titles that seem taken out of the biggest corporations out there, for example Kris Warren is the founder and CEO, Alex Robertson is the chief of Rhythm Logistics, Ben Warn is the Senior Synth Architect, and Chris Norman is entrusted with the Low-Frequency Systems.

New tracks like “Switchboard Operator”, “Rounds”, “Culture” and one of my favorites “Song for The Silver Surfer” are included in the album, as well as last year’s single Halcyon Daze. The album’s sound could be described as a poppy mix between The Cure and The Killers, adding a good amount of electronic music production (spacial synths, stabby leads, and warm, ethereal pads).

“The idea came to me to form myself (and by extension the band) as a corporation, really as a form of protection in an insane world! There are more subtle motivations but this is the core emotional truth – the songs of ‘Executive Functions’, in essence are like faculties of one mind and the attempt to cope with the onslaught of modern life, placing myself under protection as C.E.O. of a corporation enables me to roam freely as an artist”. – Kris Warren

“Nimbus Cumulus” is one track I’d like to highlight. It’s a beautiful song with Pink Floyd vibes. Just like its name suggests, it feels like floating adrift & at peace in a warm, unknown place in the middle of space. Such a pretty track, which leads to the closing finale “Rainbow Road”.

“Executive Functions” is an album with lots of fun and very introspective at times, so you bet you’ll have a great time listening to it.

So, go ahead and listen now!


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