Cornelius Eady Trio’s “Withstand” EP encourages to withstand the uncertain times

Folk melodies, poetry, and a whole lot of heart fit inside Cornelius Eady Trio’s new EP called “Withstand”. Released just recently on August 11th, “Withstand” fits into the uneasy political climate of today and makes a successful effort in lifting off some of the dread by reminding its listeners of things that are easily forgotten. A major one of those is – no matter how dark the situation, we’re in it together.


As a reflection of the people “Withstand” talks about, the release holds a whimsical, honest, and brave tone that’s spiced with the distinct “gone through hell and survived it” mood. Five songs build up the EP’s journey through the uplifting moments and the doubt-filled unsettling times, and while each touch its own topic through the highly nuanced and emotional lyrics, the main theme that runs through this entire release is resilience.

Cornelius Eady Trio "Withstand" press photo
“Withstand draws inspiration from the folk blues, composed around July 4th as a response to the ever-changing political climate in the country.” 

The EP starts off with “Your Freedom” an eye-opening song about the nature of freedom embedded in twangy folk funk beats. It’s the oldest track on the release and the lyrics are a re-recording of a poem created by Virginian poetist Mary Molyneux. That’s followed by a much more anxious vibe in “Living With a Stranger”, which depicts the changes that happen as a person grows up. Much of it feels like a stranger has taken over, but you just learn to withstand and accept the new you.

Nocturnal melodies and a flowing atmosphere set the scene in the next song written about the time the artist lived in Missouri during the time of the Ferguson unrest. Agitation, violence, and loads of opinions filled up the streets, and “Tearing Down the Master’s House” reflects on that time with clarity and residual apprehension. That eases into the fuzzy funk of “Crazy Bible”, based on the anti-Drag Queen laws in East Tennessee and the Tennessee 3, and just how much the little black book is used in an attempt to destroy fellow people that are different.

“Withstand” ends with the eponymous track that looks at the current everchanging political world and asks “What can you withstand?” But at the same time while those in power do their best in singling out and abolishing people that they can’t stomach for whatever reason, you are never alone on this journey into the unknown. Especially when you’ve fallen into the group they try to ‘erase’!

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