Chris Caulfield’s superb new single “Antigravity Mind Chamber”

Canadian songwriter, Chris Caulfield, makes a tremendous comeback with “Antigravity Mind Chamber”. A track with a deep sense of introspection, blended with subtle but intoxicating Hip-Hop melodies. Out now!


Chris Caulfield continues to make an impact in modern music with his unique sense of sound and composition. With this track, the Toronto-based artist shares his feelings of anxiety and distress, mixed with a bit of dissociation and adrenaline.

“Antigravity Mind Chamber” both seduces and threatens its listeners in a clash of enticing but somewhat scary elements. Dark undertones and grieving lyrics are carried by tender and tenuous melodies, as well as a very elusive beat.

Listening to this track is both rewarding and mind-bending. Caulfield’s vocals sound more estranged than ever, raspy and raw, with a sense of obvious emergency between verses. Short but strong, the track fluctuates between soft atmospheres and menacing rhythms that take the listeners on a roller coaster of emotions that will for sure make them thrill.

As Caulfield puts it, “Antigravity Mind Chamber”  explores the concept of being trapped in your own mind, whether “up” or “down”, aimed to recreate some of that chaos sonically. Doing a very good job at that, the artist continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary music.

Chris Cauldfield press photo

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