FAERYS outstanding debut “Nova Scotia”

The newly formed band, “FAERYS” takes us by surprise and blows our minds with their amazing debut single “Nova Scotia”.

Out Now!

Very few times do we come across a debut as pristine and outstanding as this. Making it clear that they aren’t new to the music game, FAERYS have completely caught us off-guard and knocked us off our socks. With an extreme attitude and ground-pounding energy “Nova Scotia” is the single that we’ve been waiting for, but didn’t know it.

FAERYS is a newly formed band from… nobody knows, created by a select group of anonymous artists who aren’t planning on revealing their names to the public just now. A lot of mystery surrounds this newborn band, and all that we know about them is this single.

“Nova Scotia” presents a lot of modern rock influences. A sound that could be described as if Muse and Royal Blood had a baby. A well-rounded sound and an absurd sonic force carry this track away, like a non-stop machine that obliterates anything in its path.

In contrast to the heavy / electronic-infused instruments, the female vocals (performed in an exquisite and very talented way) act as a grounding element that both excites and seduces us at the same time. A beautiful explosion is what this track is, as it really aims to ignite the spark in its listeners, waking up every cell in their brains.

FAERYS are coming in hot and, my God, may nothing stop them.

Listen to Nova Scotia today!

FAERYS "Nova Scotia" artwork


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♬ original sound – Jpgchief

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