BreakTime’s new EP “Specials” expands their sound and gives us classic rock at its best!

Get ready to dance with Specials, the brand new EP from New Jersey-based indie band BreakTime. On Specials, the band’s second full release after the amazing Great Times from last year, we can see the quartet expanding their signature sound while still remaining as entertaining as ever.


“Fun” is the keyword here, everything about the EP sounds joyous to listen to. There are eight tracks on this EP, and it’s just tight enough for BreakTime to showcase that all of their abilities are at their highest. It opens with “Motor City Mama”, a classic rock-inspired garage sound that instantly throws you back to the 50s and 60s and artists like Elvis Presley. It’s just so amusing to listen to, and a great way of starting out the EP. From then on in, BreakTime does their best to do it all – and they pull everything off. The second track, “Love and Harmony”, keeps up with the pace in a Beach Boys-style song that feels soothing and comforting.

BreakTime "Specials" press photo

Amongst the influences heard on the album are surf rock, power pop, and indie folk. The sounds are incredibly diverse throughout the short twenty minutes of its length, but somehow it all works together. “Dandelion” is a folk-tinted song that relies heavily on harmonies and a simple yet gorgeous production behind it. Things flow seamlessly as they pick up the pace into “Be Mine”, a Buddy Holly-esque tune that feels absolutely timeless.

On the second half of the EP, things get a bit more experimental with the stunning garage rock of “You Don’t See Me” and the instrumental psychedelic ballad “Octane”, proving that BreakTime knows how to write a flawless piece of 60s-inspired rock and roll like no other and they don’t need words or lyrics to do it. The EP closes off with the duo of “From You” and “She’s the One”, lovely songs that evoke the best of their vintage sound and feature jangly guitars, rich vocal harmonies, and a classic songwriting style. They could easily be early Beatles outtakes, and this is not a small achievement.

BreakTime truly understands and feels the ’60s sound aesthetics like very few other emerging artists today. They do a wonderful job in taking something that sounds dated and managing to bring it to 2023 in a way that it sounds fresh and new, and this is thanks to the top-notch production that just flows like water and allows the songs to be what they are. Nothing about Specials or BreakTime in general, in fact, feels forced or out of place. This is precisely their biggest strength: the ability to just play without overthinking anything and having fun while doing it. I most certainly had fun while listening to it!


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