Kreajours invite us to join them on their debut single “Soloing The Heartlands”

American band, Kreajours presents their lo-fi single “Soloing The Heartlands”. An introspective track with Post-Punk vibes taken from their album debut “Transmission”.

Out Now!


With a whole existential concept behind it, these young musicians are ready to deliver their 16-track album. An invitation to an introspective journey created with a lo-fi essence and a post-punk spirit. Blues and Rock & Roll are also present, with Kreajours’ unique take.

This album is an invitation to embark on an introspective journey, to feel the vulnerability of existence, and to confront the universal uncertainties that haunt our deepest thoughts.

Kreajours hail from Orlando, FL, with its members use pseudonyms to introduce themselves: Campfire (band leader – lead vocals, guitar, drums), London Boy (band member – lead vocals, guitar, bass), Seany Soundscapes (band member – synth), and Parentheses (band member – vocals, guitar, bass).

“Soloing The Heartlands” is the primary single of their upcoming album. It is a unique and abstract composition trying to portray the feelings of solitude, vulnerability, and self-discovery. A deep sense of meaning hides behind the track, as it makes us dance and vibe to its dark rock melodies.

Similar to Joy Division, with lots of Russian Post-Punk, this track is a clash between eras, seeking a profound sense of connection with the listener. Melancholic and raw, this primary single truly dives deep into our most profound emotions.

We invite you to join us in “Transmission” with the raw beauty of introspection, hesitation, and fear captured within the three singles we’ll be realizing previous the album drops. Let’s journey together through the echoes of the afterlife, guided by the haunting melodies and unfiltered emotion of “Transmission.”

Kreajours "TRansmission" artwork

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