Clare Easdown’s honest and empathetical new track “I Break”

Our lovely and loveable Australian singer and songwriter Clare Easdown is back again with a brand new track called “I Break”, and it’s deep. One more collaboration with longtime producer Jeremy Burns, the same pairing that gave us the stunning singles “To The One’s I Love” and “Wrap Me Up” amongst others, and on “I Break” they seem to push each other even further on an emotional level.


Clare is no stranger to opening herself up and showing vulnerability and pain, and she does it so gracefully and in such a human way that you feel it all with her. She is a master in evoking empathy, no matter what she is singing about, and on “I Break” it all goes one step beyond anything she’s ever done before. Dealing with the delicate subject matter of depression and mental illness, is also not new territory for her, but “I Break” comes from the perspective of someone who cannot see the light.

‘I Break’ takes the listener on a journey through the hearts of the depressed, vulnerable, and those who feel absolutely helpless. Offering empathy and self-expression to those who have experienced the debilitating nature of depression and mental health disorders of all kinds“, Clare herself says about the song. It’s deep and heartfelt without ever turning into something that feels bleak and hopeless – on the contrary, actually.

Clare Easdown "I Break" press photo

The production from Jeremy Burns features the formless trip-hop we’ve heard before from Clare so well, but on “I Break” there are guitar lines and vocal harmonies that feel hopeful in contrast to the lyrics. Definitely at the top of her game, Clare manages to sound angelical like a beam of light as she sings lines such ‘I break, I shake, my soul was shattered at the bottom of the lake‘.

The atmosphere constructed by Clare and Jeremy is so unique and it flows so seamlessly that you can’t help but float along, taking her lyrics in and feeling both sad and hopeful at the end of it. “This track gives those who have felt like there is absolutely no light at the end of the tunnel an outlet, to be felt, heard, and seen“, she concludes about the song.

Another masterful work from Clare, who continues to be a voice like no other and makes music that feels important and necessary.


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