Jennifer Tefft’s new banger “Love and War”

American rock singer, Jennifer Tefft, sings about the complications of being in a long-distance relationship in “Love and War”. A crisp rock tune with powerful and melodic vocals, carried away by great instrumentation.




Working hard for a relationship ain’t easy, but imagine living far away from your loved one in different houses, and him/she is a terrible communicator. That’s exactly what today’s artists went through. Struggling to make the relationship work, Jennifer Tefft found herself in what felt more like a battlefield than an alliance.

Produced by Munk Duane and mastered by Hans DeKline (U2, The Pixies et al) this song has depth and a sonically rich landscape.

Jennifer Tefft is a singer/musician from Boston, USA. Recently named Female Performer of the Year in the New England Music Awards, she is now dropping the first single from her forthcoming 6th album. Her sound could be compared to classic female singers like Blondie, with an attitude like Joan Jett. Sensible yet feisty, this woman packs a punch and is also accompanied by an amazing band.

“I wrote this song after a rough summer in my long distance relationship. My significant other and i live an hour away from each , have separate households, kids etc.  He is a terrible communicator and would constantly leave me hanging, waiting on him and making big decisions that affected both of our lives without my input.  ITs about how difficult relationships can be, how the intensity of the situation feels more like a battle than love.” 

Jennifer Tefft

“Love and War” comes with a variety of sections that keep the listener entertained. Its old-school vibes achieve to awaken deep memories in our back thoughts, and the beautiful vocals really manage to make us feel for what the artist went through. Huge toms, searing guitar work, a killer groove, and impactful vocals is what define this track, and it truly is one hell of a banger.

We oughta be on the lookout for this awesome singer, as she slowly but surely prepares for her album release. Being backed by her new line-up of talented musicians, she’s sure to take the music live scene by storm.

So, stream now!

Jennifer Tefft press photo
Jennifer Tefft & The Strange will be celebrating the release of this song with a show on Friday, September 8th at Tangerin’s Farm ni Milis, MA. This promises to be a killer night of music under the stars in a unique setting. Special guests Leketa & The Nasty Women will open the show. Ticket info is available on Jenn’s website.


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