Bloomfield Machine drops new full-length release “Left to Our Own Devices”

On September 8th, Bloomfield Machine released his newest full album titled “Left to Our Own Devices”. With this LP the artist invites us to see the current world through a different lens, one that highlights how quickly everything keeps developing. Now, while people have started taking bigger steps into the realm of AI and using it in daily life, Bloomfield Machine concentrates on the lives of average people living in the fast-changing technological world.


This is the 6th album coming from Bloomfield Machine aka multi-instrumentalist and producer Brian Kassan. Joining the power of currently available digital tools with those of analog gear, Bloomfield Machine has tapped into the fast-evolving technological world we live in. Besides technology and its effect on us, the producer is inspired by a slew of musical influences that run across both the spectrum and decades. Prog rock from the 70s, Boards of Canada, Air, New Order, and classical music are just a few examples and Bloomfield Machine’s own music is a colorful hybrid of all sorts of things.

Along with the variety in sound, there’s a kaleidoscope of emotions spiraling throughout the release – among others are the feelings of hopelessness and fear, and the notion of just letting things run their course and adapting along with them. There’s hope and an optimistic lookout on things, enjoyment, and dread. Just like a concentrated slice of life, Bloomfield Machine has pulled in all those different emotions and somehow completely naturally given them a place in one of the album’s 16 tracks.

Bloomfield Machine "Left to Our Own Devices" artwork

Perhaps as a nod to the quickly changing nature of the tech around us, the album features mostly quite short songs. Although the tracklist of 16 songs may seem dauntingly many for some, don’t let that fool you – due to the shortness of some of the individual tracks, the album feels like a quickly evolving sonic journey very much akin to the very thing it’s inspired by. And this journey is packed full of concentrated doses of individual moods.

Take a look at the track titled “Inventing Hope”, a song that offers a pretty lovely contrast with the grayscale AI image in the article’s header. This mellow chilled tune sounds like the embodiment of hope that’s been built up from scraps, but most importantly it seems to work.

“No Explanation” is a melodious indie rock song that in its short delight envisions a person who accepts that they must carry on to the best of their abilities despite having no leads and no explanations. “When Is It Done Really” has a notion of impatience embedded in its rocking percussion and riffs, whereas “Ghost Passenger” is based on the gloomy state of a weary mind, perhaps in answer to all their friends suddenly partaking in the new, yet to be explored technological advancement.

Bloomfield Machine’s “Left to Your Own Devices” is a beautiful journey that hopefully helps the listeners to make sense of the quickly changing world and find the courage and optimism to evolve along with it. It’s also a pretty awesome headphone album – there’s plenty of goodness taking place within the songs!

Listen to “Left to Our Own Devices” today on your favorite platforms!



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