Pent Up! Exciting new single “Up All Night”

Seattle Punk Rock band, Pent Up! returns with a fun and exciting single in “Up All Night”. A high-voltage tune with lots of energy, telling the insufferable tale of the anxiety caused by a friend w/o an off switch. Out now!


We’ve all had that one friend who always seems a little too far out, too wild, too exotic. Well, Pent Up! has masterfully come up with an anthem for such friends. “Up All Night” is literally about a friend who just won’t stop. With a “Foo Fighters meets Green Day” energy, this track will knock your foot right off the bone.

Pent Up! was created by Brendan Honeycutt on Guitar/Vocals, Jay Barrett on bass, Nick Kurtz on guitar, and Nate Oelrich on drums. Born amidst the boredom of isolation of the pandemic, these fellas decided to bring on the noise. Inspired by bands like Dinosaur Jr. and Social Distortion, their sound can be described as loud, powerful, and raw.

“Up All Night” was recorded in the middle of the summer heat in an un-air-conditioned studio with the band playing live – no click tracks, just pure energy… and a lot of sweat. The result is a pretty fun track with punk energy and wonderful bass lines. Exciting riffs and uplifting melodies make this single a must-hear, perfect for any punk rock lover out there. So, listen now! Be sure to check out their previous single The End, as well!


Pent Up! press photo "Up All Night"


🚨#NewMusic🚨 🛑#ListenNow🛑 New Music added to playlist #AlterindieStateOfMind “Up All Night” by Pent Up is a pretty fun track with punk energy and wonderful bass lines. Exciting riffs and uplifting melodies make this single a must-hear. ⭐LISTEN NOW⭐ #LessThan1000Followers #FreshSingles #UnknownButEssentials #OnlyPunk #SickestandDopest #BLOGLT1KF #LT1KF

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