Edie Yvonne’s streak of greatness continues on “Queen Bee”

The American, Los Angeles-based singer and songwriter Edie Yvonne comes at it again with another flawless tune “Queen Bee”. Her style of indie pop, infusing it with some alternative rock alongside folk-pop, is infectious and stays with you for days because of its catchiness and content. The young artist’s talent goes way beyond her years and her age; at only fourteen she’s already writing and performing her own songs.


This time around, the wunderkind just released her latest track “Queen Bee”, and it will not come alone: “Queen Bee” is also the soundtrack of an upcoming short film by Edie Yvonne about mean girls and their minions. Not much information about the film has been released yet, but we’ve heard the song, and let me tell you: it’s an absolute banger. On “Queen Bee” Edie strays away a little bit from the folk pop of “In The Rain” and takes one step further into the pop sounds she’s started exploring in “On Your Mind“, featuring a dynamic production that goes beyond anything she’s put out so far.

The song blends together all of her previous influences at once, giving us a thriving track that seems to be constantly moving forward. There are crashes, synths, distorted guitars, harmonies, and Edie’s own strong and emotional vocals that make “Queen Bee” fall somewhere in between the works of Olivia Rodrigo and Charli XCX. Edie Yvonne, at such a young age, has already one hell of a body of work; as diverse as they come, going from folk to pop with ease.

The very well-written lyrics narrate high school drama at its best, talking about heartbreak, rumors, best friends, and popular mean girls being forced to take the consequences of their actions. It fits the overall theme of the short film incredibly well, and I can’t wait to watch it. Edie is on her way to becoming a full-on force of nature in the music industry, showing an amazing evolution in songwriting, musical style, and vocal strength in such a short period of time. This girl is the real deal, and her future is oh-so bright from here.


Edie Yvonne "Queen Bee" press photo


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