Gianfranco Pescetti’s new single “Be My Ghost”

Ambient producer, Gianfranco Pescetti, gets us in the groove for Halloween in “Be My Ghost”. A brand new single of electronica vibes with spooky textures and uplifting beats that will get you moving in no time. Out now!


 For those new to my music, know that I always write from a place that reflects my personal experiences, and music, for me, is an ever-evolving work in progress, just like life.”

Gianfranco Pescetti


Gianfranco Pescetti is a music producer from Haiku, USA, with an affinity towards not only chillwave acts but legendary artists such as Depeche Mode and The Cure as well. Throughout the year, the producer has released as many as five singles, “Be My Ghost” included; all in anticipation of his upcoming album.

“Be My Ghost” will sit right in the middle of the album (which will be purely instrumental, unlike Pescetti’s last album “Love Is Rain”), this is why, intended to act as an igniter in the listener to start moving, the track presents a warmed upbeat and a danceable atmosphere.

Inspired by the spooky nature of October, Pescetti wanted to create a track that you could dance to in euphoria while feeling the chilling textures of Halloween as well, creating a vibe as thrilling as it is mysterious. “I aimed to capture the essence of 1970’s horror movies with an Ennio Morricone touch and translate it into today’s dance floor scene for a fusion of nostalgia and modern energy“, the producer explains.

The result is a magically spooky track, an evolving flow led by hypnotizing beats, and expanded with carefully crafted synths and vocal samples. 3:33 minutes long, “Be My Ghost” mimics the chilly breeze of October’s wind, and helps us get warm in an exhilarating dance of electronic rhythms. So, listen now!



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