Greg Bounce new single “Teacher”

Portugal-based producer, Greg Bounce, honors those who work in the education sector on “Teacher”. A funky/experimental tune with magical synths and boomy bass that move forward with a light swing. Out now!


Greg Bounce is known for his easy vibes and his creative textures. A producer who changed London for Portugal in 2020, and who has released several whip-smart singles over the last couple of years including “Find a Love”. Now, the artist is back with another interesting and thought-provoking track, with a composition that is as unique as it is original.

“Teachers are amazing. They work bloody hard. I bet you can remember your favourite teacher. Most of all, you’re probably who you are in some small way, because of a teacher.”

Greg Bounce

“Teacher” is born from a deep respect for those who fill our minds with knowledge in our everyday lives. The track, which presents a hypnotic bass line and funk-like guitars, spreads a meticulous message atop a crisp beat. Synth and keyboard textures with quirky melodies spread across the audible spectrum, sounding as if coming from a fantasy-driven land.

Counting with the appearance of musicians Brendan Williams (guitar), bassist Robin Richards, drummer Andrew Richardson, and pianist Liviu Gheorghe, this single (amongst many others) will be included in Greg’s upcoming debut album, Brain Movies, to be released later this autumn. This compilation is set to demonstrate the quality, consistency, and versatility of this upcoming songwriter.

Without a doubt a creative and fantastic composition that honors our teachers, inside the classroom and out, and one that works as a beautiful showcase of Greg’s musical vision. The single’s artwork is by Jerry-Lee Bosmans, a visual artist based in Nijmegen, Netherlands, who creates abstract graphic art using vibrant colors, geometric shapes, and playful compositions. So, listen now!


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