Stephanie Phillips reveals a warm-hearted and charming album “Retrospective”

Singer-songwriter Stephanie Phillips has just recently released her newest full-length album “Retrospective”. While it’s the 5th album coming from the indie folk artist, “Retrospective” is actually the first album Stephanie has made. First heard by a select few fans back in 1993, Stephanie Phillips has given the album some loving extra touches and a remaster as well as one extra song, and the result is now out for everyone to listen to and enjoy!


“Pure, unadulterated honesty. I come from a place of authenticity and I try to connect to my audience on a level of love, compassion and kindness.”

Stephanie Phillips

30 years is a long time. For Stephanie Phillips it’s also true – after she created the release in ’93, she then proceeded to move to Philadelphia, have two children, and continue writing music, releasing 4 more albums. The first album still sat close to Stephanie’s heart and she wanted it to be heard by her fans as well. 30 years later, it’s now a reality and stands as a special gem in Stephanie Phillips’ discography. Quite understandably as well – how many people have sung with themselves, but 30 years younger?

“Retrospective” holds a collection of gentle, introspective themes. Personal in nature, the songs are bubbling full of poetically formed thoughts of life and gazes at people on different paths. From the searches for the true self, complex emotions within relationships, and the search for the true meaning of life, Stephanie Phillips offers a full-bodied journey into the matters of the heart that embraces the multifaceted and oftentimes confusing state of life.

Stephanie Phillips "Tell Me Something" press phto

“I added some harmony tracks (singing along with my much younger self), a bonus track (the last song on the album which was recorded recently with my drummer and bass player), and had the album remastered.”

Stephanie Phillips

The LP, home to 14 tracks, comes wrapped in beautiful indie folk melodies of shimmering acoustic guitar. It is paired with the equally stunning voice of Stephanie Phillips, and it’s safe to say she has always sounded incredible, from 30 years ago to today.

In addition to a pure, emotional voice, Stephanie brings forth the sheer weight of the themes taking place in the lyrics. Whether it’s the worry for the former drug-addicted person who has vowed to not touch drugs, but might have relapsed (The Real Meaning of Life), the suffocating nature of needy love (“Part of the Game”), or the heartbreaking tale present in “Daddy”, Stephanie’s singing makes you feel all those emotions. Nothing short of incredible, but also highly thought-provoking.

Life isn’t as pretty as people are fooled to believe. Stephanie Phillips takes your hand and shows the complete way life actually goes, and as sad and complicated as it may get, Stephanie brings out the beauty in vulnerability and honesty.

Listen to “Retrospective” now on your favorite platforms!

Stephanie Pillips back cover album "Restrospecitve"


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