John Byrne – “The Bold And The Blasphemous”

British guitarist, John Byrne, takes us back to the 50’s with “The Bold And The Blasphemous”. A Western-inspired cinematic track with loads of guitar riffs and stomping drums. Out now!


John Byrne is a musician from the United Kingdom who has been playing guitar since he was 8 years old. Influenced by the sound of artists like Frank Zappa, Santana, Jimi Hendrix, and even Animals As Leaders, his playing style is oriented towards virtuosity and evocative arrangements.

“The Bold And The Blasphemous” is his brand new track, and it presents a 50s atmosphere that could be a perfect soundtrack for any Western-type movie. Cowboys, rangers, Native Americans, and outlaws, all that we see in those cherished Clint Eastwood films, delivered right to your ears with a fantastic playing style.

The track is carried away by a thumping stampede of driving drums, sounding like 1000 horses moving forward towards the sunset. Byrne’s guitars deliver that crisp and slightly detuned sound of 50’s recordings, staying true to the melodies of that era. Prepare yourselves to hop on your horses, load your revolvers, and ride into a classic adventure of times past in this wonderful instrumental that will captivate your senses. Listen now!

John Byrne "The Bold and the Blasphemous" press photo


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