Chandra – Smile (No Fox Gibbon)

British artist, Chandra, gives us some advice on how can we live our lives just a bit better in “Smile (No Fox Gibbon)”. A fun and uplifting Pop-Rock tune that will shake your bones as it gives you a step-by-step guide to being happier. Out now!


 “It’s just about kicking your cares and paranoia to the curb, not worrying about what people might think, and just absolutely beaming when you find something funny.”


Chandra aims to lighten up our moods with this single. A song written from personal experience, where the weight of life sometimes feels heavier than it should be. Wishing to improve, the Bristol-based musician is eager to reflect on what makes us mad, sad, down, or angry, and take all that off the table. Smash it, and throw it to the curb.

“Smile (No Fox Gibbon)” as its name suggests, is about giving zero fucks about what other people might think, criticize, or judge. Don’t sweat it. Smile more. Go a little bit crazier. A reminder to enjoy today is if there’s no tomorrow. An invitation to dance, move, and groove.


Chandra himself had a lot of fun writing and recording the track, and he hopes that the listener will be able to tell. It’s hard not to do so, with all the uplifting melodies, the powerful drums, and the inspiring lyrics based on the artist’s own struggles and limitations in everyday life. In the end, Chandra just wants us to have a better day.

“We all have moments in our day when we unashamedly beam or uncontrollably snigger at something we’ve seen, remembered or heard. If we’re in public then that joyous moment is quickly curbed as the self-conscious part of our brain realises we’re on a bus, in the office, in a queue for a coffee or walking down a street. I am the worst for it and it’s gone on for so long that I now find the self-tempering of joy is an autonomic reaction.

I wrote this song because it’s something I actively want and need to improve on. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all gave a little bit less of a damn who is watching and really enjoyed those amazing moments in our day? Let’s all let go and smile like there are absolutely no f**ks given.”


The music video brings together people from all over the world as they share their own personal moments of joy. Whether that’s being presented with a huge bowl of their favorite food, watching a cat video, or simply being out with their mates, the video is a montage of genuine smiles, giggles, smirks, and all-out hysteria. So, listen now!

Chandra "Smile (No Fox Gibbon)" press photo


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