Dirty Mitts – “Ride The Storm”

British 4-squad, Dirty Mitts, electrify us with their brand new single “Ride The Storm”. A Heavy Rock single that shakes our very bones with its hard-hitting riffs, powerful drum beats, and face-melting vocals. Out now!


Bringing intense energy, explosive drums, and gritty vocals to the table, Dirty Mitts deliver a consistently robust and adrenaline-charged performance.


Dirty Mitts are preparing the release of their upcoming EP Hands Off! which will arrive on Friday 10th of November. This will include today’s new single and let me tell you guys, it is truly a blast. A single that comes with a powerful force and a delivery that sends chills down your spine.

Dirty Mitts was created in 2022 by Tommy (vocals), Matt (bass), Mo (guitar), and Mateusz (drums). Coming from very different origins which are UK, Poland, and Egypt, the quartet is now based in London, united by their love of blistering rock n’ roll.

“Ride The Storm” is an ode to the rock gods of old. A high-octane experience with thick grooves and breath-taking vocals. Coming at us with the power of a million watts, the song is a blend of bluesy undertones with vintage vibes and infectious energy.

So far, Dirty Mitts have several singles including previous tracks “Women“, “You Better Run! (Villains Theme)“, and earlier hits “My Show” and “Ball & Chain“. Together, they’ve amassed over 1,000 radio plays worldwide and surpassed 300,000 Spotify streams, highlighting the growing admiration for their authentic rock sound. So, listen now!


Dirty Mitts "Ride the Storm" press photo


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