Kiirstin Marilyn releases “Kristoffer”, a heartfelt eulogy to her beloved late brother

Kiirstin Marilyn, a NY-based singer-songwriter and actress, unveils her new album “Kristoffer” on November 10th. The release, titled after her dear eldest brother gone far too soon, gazes deep into the memories, love, pain, and grief as she tells the story of Kristoffer. It’s a gentle, profound tribute to a man forever a boy battling with his demons of mental illness and addiction.


“Kristoffer” is a heartbreaking and warm album, cinematic and descriptive at its love-driven core. It’s home to 5 original songs and a cover that has formed the devastating, all-encompassing emotions into music that has the power to transform and reach far out. At its heart, “Kristoffer” is an embodiment of a wish, one that lets the late brother hear how much he meant to Kiirstin.

The story of struggle and love is presented in beautiful intimate instrumentation, the kind that paints sunlight in a bittersweet tone. Kiirstin’s emotional vocals and her meaningful, striking lyrics dissect the themes of complicated sibling relationships, the desire to save him, and the vow to be there for him. Kiirstin does a magnificent and graceful job depicting the innocent, helpless, and fragile person facing such dark problems, her narrative of the beloved brother is touching and heartwarming.

Kiirstin’s story of her brother also serves as a wake-up call in two major ways. For one, never take your loved ones for granted. They could be struggling. “Twenty Five” marks the moment in time when Kristoffer first attempted suicide, and Kiirstin saw the note he’d written. The song, carried by carefully paced and gentle instrumental, follows the struggling brother who just wants to regain control over his life and sees no real way out. The apparent outward lightness masks the gravity and despair inside, which also resembles the shock that the note brought along back then.

Kiirstin Marilyn "Kristoffer" press photo bicycle
“I just want people to know my brother and his story” Kiirstin Marilyn

The other call comes from the inherent social meaning “Kristoffer” the album grew to have. Addiction is a real killer and society still does its best to squeeze their eyes shut and deem people struggling with addiction as not strong enough to be worth the trouble. The other silent killer, mental illness, is also misunderstood. “Kristoffer” serves as a strong example to call its listeners to empathize, love, and learn more about their fellows, and to see the people behind the addictions.

“Kristoffer” is out now!

“I want them to understand that he was here, that he meant something to me and my family. I want them to contemplate how easily society might have discarded him if he hadn’t had the support of family. While it wasn’t my initial intention to make a social commentary with this EP, as I have with previous releases, I hope listeners will gain greater empathy for their fellow human beings. We rarely know what others have been through or are currently facing.”

Kiirsty Marilyn

Kiirstin Marilyn "Kristoffer" press photo


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