Behold the Mighty “Wingspan” of Hana Piranha

Happy #NewMusicFriday to all you lovely music fans and supporters. And what a new music Friday it is! England’s own Hana Piranha, a band we covered last month as well, has dropped a much-anticipated album called “Wingspan.”


All I can even manage to muster out and say upon first time listening through is: “holy sh*t.” It’s that good. So good that I can’t do words good. All it will take is but one or two tracks into this album for fans of Alternative Rock to welcome it warmly into their music library and introspective psyches. It instantly became one of my favorite releases of the year. An album 3 years in the making, “Wingspan” is the follow-up album to 2020’s fantastic “Wednesday’s Child,” a testament to the notion that good things come for those who wait.

Reflecting on the band’s entire repertoire, “Wingspan” marks the fourth album of the band’s catalog. The super talented, multi-instrumentalist front person, Hana Piranha – after whom the band is named- originally formed the project as a solo gig. It has evolved into a dynamic full band featuring the equally impressive talents of Jim at guitar, Andy on Drums, and Mishkin at Bass. The synergy between them transcends very well on recording.

By my ear listening through the album, I heard echoes of so many alternative artists I love. There is a lot in the mix there, thus, my personal take is not in any way comprehensive. I did hear what I thought was influence from artists such as Nine Inch Nails, Garbage, My Chemical Romance, and Poe. In a more obscure reference, I’d say I think their influences align similarly with another great independent band called Tomorrow the World. Per Hana Piranha:

“This album has such a variety of material, it’s really hard to pinpoint one style at all. My personal influences are Nine Inch Nails, Lana Del Rey, and PJ Harvey, they’re probably the three artists who have had the biggest impact on me. I’d say Jim and Mishkin bring My Chemical Romance and Muse. Andy’s influences are Kyuss and Queens Of The Stone Age, so it’s a really varied mix but it’s definitely Alternative Rock”.

The album begins with a super cool cinematic track called “Azure.” The whole band sounds like they get in on the vocals on this one. Very epic tune. It’s followed by possibly my favorite track on the album (but I found picking a favorite very challenging) “I Wanna Leave” which is a grungy tune that reminds me a lot of the band Garbage. The third song on the album is one of two singles released prior to the album being released, “Loreilei,” which features super slick Dark Wave vibes (also the track we featured last month).

The Devil Always Pulls Through” is another great track that makes it hard to decide on a favorite. The way Hana sings the title line of that song sent chills down my spine. “Hurt the Ones You Love” is another track that resonates with me deeply and makes it terribly difficult to pick a favorite from the album. Truly, every track on this album is great. It’s hands down an album you can easily listen to front to back. I will also take the opportunity to call out two more tracks on the album that I particularly fancied: “Requiem” and the title track “Wingspan.”


“Hit me in the feels” is an understatement for the songwriting on this album, it straight-up triggered me, haha. I am certain that one of these tracks will end up on the AMS Radio Top 10 next month, my conundrum is picking which one.


Hana Piranha "Wingspan" press photo

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