Moon and Aries takes yet another turn on the amazing new single “A Love Revival”

Within less than a month since their stunning song “Don’t Feed the Demons“, our beloved electronic duo Moon and Aries are already back with another new track. “A Love Revival” keeps on the trend of the duo branching out to new areas and expanding their soundscape after mastering the chillwave ambient electronics, and it’s so exciting to hear.


“A Love Revival” is yet another collaboration from the duo with genius saxophone player Joko Magic following “Traffic“, who delivers yet another tasteful sax line throughout the song that fits so well with their latest sound. In their new song, things are softer and graceful in an ode to the ones we love the most – and that includes ourselves. “If you take the “H” at the end of EARTH and put it at the front, you get HEART. The heart is the center of it all. Heal your heart, heal your life!”, the band says about the content of their new single.

And that is really the best and most perfect way of describing what we hear: it’s a love ballad about rebirth, finding and rekindling the love we’ve been surrounded by all along. It’s a beautiful concept, one that we all should think about and act on more often in our daily lives. Sometimes all we need is right in front of us, but we’re too close to see it. “A Love Revival” is about finding that new perspective and feeling the awe of what’s always been there.

The production on “A Love Revival” is absolutely immaculate, bringing to the front and center everything that Moon and Aries have always done so well in the past; and still bringing on new elements and influences with it. On branching out their musicality into new realms, Moon and Aries rely heavily on emotion and feelings and manage to sound incredibly raw and human in the softest and best of ways. On “A Love Revival” the duo shine a light on yet another new side of themselves, and it’s been wonderful and so very exciting to follow Moon and Aries in all of their new ways, turns, and sounds. I cannot wait to hear more.


Moon and Aries "A Love Revival" press photo


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