Ben Drysdale encouraging new “If I Don’t Lie Down”

Australian singer/songwriter, Ben Drysdale, brings a delightful foot stomper in “If I Don’t Lie Down”. A beautiful, folk-oriented composition made with acoustic melodies and big stereo vocals, made to encourage the listeners to pursue their goals with vigor and passion.

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Ben Drysdale is an award-winning songwriter from Canberra, set to release his debut solo single on December 15, 2023. After attending the Hawaii Songwriting Festival (HSF), the musician made the decision to keep putting in the work to pursue his musical dreams. Since then he has collaborated with artists all over the world, won international songwriting awards, and had songs placed on 3 US TV shows.

After playing around Canberra and the East coast of Australia since 2004 both solo and fronting a number of bands this is Drysdale first solo release as he embarks on a new Indie folk project under his own name.

“If I Don’t Lie Down” was written at 2 am in Hawaii when he had to be on a bus at 4:30 am to make his flight home. Ben had spent the previous 3 days surrounded by the talented songwriters and generous mentors from the HSF. His somewhat poor sleep decisions that evening became a metaphor for his experience at the festival, and the single was born. Listen to Ben explaining the backstory for this track in the following video he shared on social media.

The track comes with a very magical feeling of resilience, fighting both tiredness and waver. With upbeat drumming and a swift acoustic strum, Drysdale creates a wide ambience of folk elements, supported by a huge vocal wall in the chorus. Ben’s vocals are soft, high-reaching, and filled with inspiration and drive.

His songs span from vulnerable and visceral ballads exploring the darkness of the human condition to upbeat foot stompers full of energy and hope. This track is a great lift-up for whenever feeling down, a pump of resilience and determination with a touch of daydreaming. An absolute blast a foot stumper indeed.


Ben Drysdale press photo "If I Don't Lie Down"


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