Eddie Cohn- Dystopian Days

After my last record, I wasn’t sure if or when the creative bug may strike again. I started to write a book, I became a yoga teacher and I started to DJ around LA. I was feeling a lot of satisfaction with these other creative outlets but then 2020 happened and we were all forced to stay inside and I found myself going to a pretty dark place emotionally”. Eddie Cohn

The Trusted – “Vellichor”

‘This is a song about nostalgia. It’s about using the past as a drug to combat the pains of today. The word ‘vellichor’ means ‘the smell of old bookshops.’ This song has nothing to do with the meaning of the actual word but more with the feeling it creates. Vellichor in this context represents ‘the smell of old emotions and the passing of time.’ – Tom Cunningham

My Friend The Chimpanzee “Time Traveller”

“We did Time Traveller as the first single, because it features all instruments that we use with My Friend The Chimpanzee. It has guitar as well as electric bass, synth bass, synth pads, synth leads, vocoder (if you listen closely) and a string machine (again barely audible). Time Traveller therefore is something of an experiment, where we wanted to see how the different elements come together in the final mix and master.” Lukas Wieser from My Friend The Cimpanzee

Joss Mogli- Being Wrong

Mogli adopts a lo-fi sound, with what may seem at first a minimalistic approach to musical production. The tracks appear simple at first glance, with little to no intervention during the recording of the EP. Yet, an attentive listener will notice the different layers that make up each one of them: a musical density that is hidden in plain sight.

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