MCMGM “On The Floor”

“The 2020 Pandemic hit. I had time on my hands, and a desire to dance, so I began to write funky music. But gathering a horn section together to spread the virus was not a great idea. So I turned to the computer, and started churning out my danceable grooves via electronics. This was major shift in direction from my previous genre of acapella/classical/children’s/video-game. So I invented an EDM avatar for myself, MCMGM.” Gunnar Madsen

DEATH BY TAPIOCA – “Take It There”

“This song was written in early June, I had the instrumental for a few weeks but I was just sitting with it, vibing with it. My influences were a combination of Korean hip-hop, which I find very melodic and felt would groove well with the beat, and the fact that my city, Toronto, was opening up again after the pandemic. This meant dating was back on, and I was thinking of going back to the bars and lounges I used to frequent before lockdown.” Death By Tapioca

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