Anne Bennett “Deep in the Shadows”

New alternative artist Anne Bennett debuts with the melancholic and slightly haunting single, ‘Deep in the Shadows’.

Born and raised in Salem, Massachusetts, Anne Bennett is an alternative singer-songwriter whose sound blends her haunting and wistful vocals with dark, cinematic melodies. Her music, influenced by the days she lived in the infamous Witch City, concerns death, life and love. 

As she grew up in Salem’s notorious ‘Witchcraft Heights’ neighborhood, Anne spent countless years surrounded by ghosts, demons, angels, and faeries — at least, that’s what she thought in her youth. These thoughts and environment have deeply influenced her sound, which evokes sorrowful emotions amidst the magical lullaby it traps you in. Some artists that have also influenced her are Lana Del Rey, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Bat For Lashes, The Cure, and Soap&Skin.

Anne Bennett began writing music at the age of eight and began learning to play the guitar once she was nineteen. To hone her skills, she worked under the mentorship of multiplatinum selling songwriters such as Paul Statham (Peter Murphy, Dido, Kylie Minogue) and Shelly Poole.

With Deep in the Shadows, Anne delivers the perfect first taste of her dark, cinematic motif.  

The song is about the internal conflict that occurs when someone wants to free themselves of their struggles and be free, but only manages to feel their desired freedom once they’re hidden from the rest of the world. As the title says, comfort is finally obtained in the darkest of places, where one can truly feel like themselves. 

Anne Bennet wrote Deep in the Shadows with a very intimate meaning. Relatability is found within the song because of how authentic it feels, and yet there is still enough space to acknowledge how personal the lyrics are. As Anne continues to run away from her own demons, the listener is left full of sorrow, but still able to find some beauty in this desolate story.

Every step of the making of this track contains the essence of Anne’s beliefs and inspirations. The artist played the guitar alongside her lugubrious vocals, which were recorded inside her possibly haunted, three hundred year-old house. 

From the final sound to the actual place where the song began to develop, they both contain the haunting feeling Anne Bennett carries within. Her artwork is an immaculate depiction of everything she aims to deliver.

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