“Nightingale” by Emma Hunter

I don’t consider myself an effeminate guy but this sultry sound pulls me in, willingly … I want to explore desire and the yearning for a forbidden love… If, like me, you like that vintage bold and mischievous sound, from Edith Piaf to Grace Jones, or PJ Harvey to Anna Calvi, you get it right here…

Emma and Tom (Bruce) create emotive, 1950’s-Flamenco inspired guitar with layered loops and complex, harmonious vocals in an evocative, cinematic soundscape. Atmospheric, dramatic and a little bit dark, with percussive, trip-hop inspired drums and strong, intricate melodies at the heart of it all.

“The narrative of the track is more of a continued story. In our previous track our main character is stuck in a dangerous relationship, not knowing what to do and feeling frightened of making a change…”

In “Nightingale” she gazes through the window, onto the hot piazza and hears a beautiful voice. She falls in love with the voice first and the rest follows. As the story unfurls, she contemplates an affair, knowing that she would need to leave and take a chance or stay and lie about her feelings. In the end does she leave and move on with her “Nightingale”? Hmm…

Emma Hunter is an experienced singer and songwriter. She was chosen to play in the Bob Harris Presents on the main stage of Truck Festival and has performed in several festivals and venues in her previous bands. Emma is especially inspired by artists such as PJ Harvey, Imogen Heap, Ennio Morricone and Portishead as well as bands like The Shangri-Las, but is particularly influenced by the soundtracks of David Lynch films. She takes a lot of inspiration from the myths of ancient Mexico and stories of the sun god and flamenco and catholic imagery.

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