Temperature Falls – “Nobody to believe in anymore”

I don’t believe in coincidences, which is exactly why I know that this album was meant to be. A delightful experience of raw emotions and abstract sonic elements, a blend of the classic and the new. See your senses delighted with Temperature Falls new full-length album: “Nobody To Believe In Anymore“.

We had TF’s previous releases covered here: Pass Me A Cigarette, Death By Suffocation and Nothing Really Matters, but nothing prepared us to the whole experience that the album would be.

Vocalist/lyricist Camilla and multi-instrumentalist Ian J. Ward met each other “coincidentally” at a party, which then lead to both of them getting into the studio. Instantly making a musical connection, Temperature Falls was born.

This new album follows their last EP “I Want to Go Where You Go”, and talks about addictions and recovery, suicidal thoughts and getting out of bad relationships. Ten songs that mix boom-bap and trip-hop beats with the eclectic vocals and sensible lyrics of Camilla. An explosion of rhythm, power and deliverance.

Nothing Really Matters, Death By Suffocation and Leash Your Promises open up the album, immediately dragging the listener in with its haunting melodies and Camilla’s voice. Frantic hi-hat play, abstract sound design and brilliant composition can be found throughout the whole album.

I’ve Got a Knife“, “Care Free” and “I Need You to Hold Me” amp up the feelings of loneliness and inside dwell. With heavy bass lines, ethereal backgrounds, and complex drum play, the album by this point has got the listener in its dark hands.

As we develop towards the end, “Hyped” brings a more upward vibe, pushing the darkness away a little bit. A downtempo beat carried by a driving growling bass. Delayed guitars play a crucial part to fill the gaps.

A menacing bass fills Pass Me a Cigarrete, and “Robot” strikes softly with filtered vocals and effervescent guitars. Synth-like licks bring the aggression just before the chorus opens up and feels the air with Camilla’s heavenly voice.

Last song, “When The Party Is Over” feels like a spell of haunting effects, somber melodies and a sudden change of mood, only to fall back into the spell. The haunt is over, but the feelings remain.

Temperature Falls go about digging deeper into their psyche and producing their rawest sound yet to deliver dark yet at times uplifting tracks about how shutting off the outside world and its negativity and concentrating on the things that effect you. concentrating on what you have and your loved ones.

“Temperature Falls is a band to keep your eyes on and ears out for as they are set to leave their footprint in the music scene.

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