Top 10 No. 4 Top 100 Songs 2021 THE MOOD – ULTIMATE INDIE DISCO

NEW SINGLE RELEASED – 10th June 2021


“Please say you’ll come along… to the Ultimate Indie Disco with me”

The Libertines started their amazing musical journey with ‘What A Waster’. For Kaiser Chiefs, the path to stardom began with ‘Oh My God’. The Mood have decided that ‘Ultimate Indie Disco’ seems like a good place to start.

Comparing a new song by a new band to either of those tunes is setting the bar very high – but these young opportunists have the energy and the audacity to clear the bar! They are not the first band to arrive on the scene with a big, bold, brash single – and they won’t be the last.

The good news is that these guys can back up their attitude with catchy, confident indiepop – they have the sound, they’ve got the vitality and they’ve wrote a song here that should have very broad appeal.

This is the debut single from The Mood

The intro sounds like a classic Britpop tune of years past – a song that you want to play when you’re getting ready for a night out – and one that you’ll eventually come to recognise instantly from the first chords when it’s playing at your favorite indie nightclub. I’d be surprised if ‘The Mood’ didn’t opt to play this song a lot as their set opener, when they play live – it strikes me as being perfect for creating a raucous and incendiary gig!

The Mood have a lot going for them – they have created a multitude of singles, with five singles set to release 8 weeks prior to one another – this being their unforgettable debut.

The Mood have a natural gift to incorporate wit into their music, their choruses are catchy – and the energy and feel-good-factor they create is something that will make them stand out from their peers. The lead singer has a very unique voice – another facet that will increase the curiosity factor and the individuality of the band as they look to forge their identity.

In the future, we might be talking about these guys in the same breath as The Kooks, Arctic Monkeys or Blur – but for now, it’s time to go to the ‘Ultimate Indie Disco’!

The Mood are an energetic, indie-rock four piece, based in Birmingham, UK

“I wrote this song at the start of the first Covid lockdown in Britain, as I was concerned about the effects on live music. Venues were closing-down left, right and centre – it was horrible! I was worried that I’d never be able to go to a concert with my mates ever again. Therefore, I decided to write Ultimate Indie Disco to capture the passion I feel towards the thrills and spills of live music!” Now that things are looking brighter, I can’t wait to play it live!” – Dan Priestley, The Mood

“reinventing classic sounds by adding a contemporary twist”

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