book NOT brooke – “curiosity”

Melancholic and mesmerizing, “Curiosity” is a dream pop ballad that explores the concept of
‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’

Welcome back, my fellow readers! It’s the middle of the week! And for today we have a single that will captivate your from the get go. book NOT brooke, a singer-songwriter from Charlotte, NC, USA has released “Curiosity”, her first single from her upcoming debut EP “Egoic Illusion“.

Soft, mesmerizing and nostalgic, this single continues to present Vespoli’ thought provoking lyricism and hypnotising vocals. Layer after layer, Vespoli’s melodies appear to set the listener over a soft bed, rocking side to side as her lullaby voice sings her charm.

“Curiosity explores the concept of “don’t ask, don’t tell”, it “illustrates the pain of romantic miscommunication and regret with an inquisitive air, at times a bit tongue-in-cheek.” A bit haunting, the single presents an intrinsic composition and a very interesting set of chords and instrumentation that include cello, acoustic, electric and sliding guitar.

I write and produce my own work, and I believe that I am developing a unique style of artistry that will continue to evolve.” – book NOT brooke

Born in Cleveland, Ohio, Vespoli found her true passion when she picked up the cello at the age of seven. She played in Baldwin Wallace University’s youth orchestras and later joined the
Contemporary Youth Orchestra of Cleveland. Her artistry combines different elements across different genres to create one single, and unique, voice. Heavily influenced by psychedelic and soft-rock, Forbes find inspiration in acts such as Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, Angel Olsen, Weyes Blood, Mitski, Regina Spektor, and Fiona Apple.

Her upcoming debut EP, “Egoic Illusion” will be out on Thursday, August 19, 2021, and will be an introspective analysis of human nature and relationships.

“This project straddles the line between some contradictory concepts: humor and pain, criticism and empathy, independence and loneliness. This project was born out of a liminal space, reflective of discoveries made while lacking a sense of belonging, grappling for explanations or direction.” – book NOT brooke

Vespoli was kind enough to provide us with some insights to “Curiosity”:

I wrote the choruses of this song about a year and a half ago. It was just one of those melodies that stuck in my head and the lyrics reflected the confusion of going through the motions. The verses were written over time, almost like they were revealing themselves to me, bit by bit, as I gathered more insight from my experiences and by observing other people. This song slowly become a thoughtful accumulation of chaos and emotion, and it feels most authentic that way. If you are new to my music, you should expect full arrangements with typically a combination of guitar, cello, bass, piano, and synthesizers. My EP comes out on August 19th and I am really excited to share the whole project.” – book NOT brooke

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