Jaz Kutassy “Feel Something”

Jaz Kutassy‘s new release will make your weekend feel ‘Feel Something’ more empowering and special.

Debuting at the beginning of the year with the hopeful yet still discreetly woeful ‘Brightside’, Jaz’s music career started at the last stages of the storm; rain was still present, but in the form of a peaceful drizzle, with the sun and a rainbow on the horizon. Now, with the release of her sophomore single, Feel Something, any traces of rain are gone, and all that can be felt is the excitement of being able to go out again and bask in the sunlight. 

As she keeps walking down the path of an artist, Jaz Kutassy stops dipping her toes into the water and instead jumps head-first into the water, letting her heart and emotions lead the way as she releases feel-good, authentic tunes.

Photographies used in this article were taken by Angela Incremona, Elliot Harrison

Underneath all that energy and determination, Feel Something is born of the desperate wish to go out and live life to the fullest. Written in the midst of a seemingly never-ending lockdown, the track is Jaz’s desire for the numbness to end and for her previous lifestyle to make a comeback. 

While people might have found ways to entertain themselves and stay in touch with friends all from the comfort of their home, human nature will prevent us from ever feeling truly satisfied with the current interaction methods. In a time where people have become desensitized to the idea of being holed up at home for months and months with no end, Feel Something‘s  joyful pop energy reminds us of what the real good times feel like, and make us crave being out even more; Kutassy’s hopeful tone and contagious happiness will make the listener crave freedom even more. 

The song’s main strength is how it’s capable of talking about enjoying life and doing the things we love without making people at home sorrowful over how that’s not completely possible at the moment. Instead, the positive atmosphere created by the track will make the listener only focus on how great things will be in the near future, leaving negative aside for the entire duration of the song.

Perhaps this magic effect is due to the artist’s mood while creating the song. Jaz Kutassy stated how: “Feel Something is a song that makes me feel good. The whole process of writing and recording it has been one that I have loved, in a time where things were looking pretty bleak and you couldn’t do much else.”

This self-indulgent plea will resonate with the listener on a deep level, making you feel understood and accompanied while you wait for good news. A song created as one of Jaz’s final deadlines, Feel Something managed to become more than an assignment, and now lives as a pleasant memory for the artist and a comforting presence for whoever comes upon this absolute serotonin-booster.

Photographies used in this article were taken by Angela Incremona, Elliot Harrison

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