Snap Infraction “Take The Blame”

We’re glad to announce that Philadelphia, United States-based rock band Snap Infraction have released a new single, entitled “Take The Blame.”

Snap Infraction are Steve Karsch (vocals, guitars, piano) and Tony Iannuzzi (drums). They initially met years ago when Tony was in a high school band with Steve’s older brother. Over the years, they have played many songs with many bands in many bars. Snap Infraction is an extension of their shared musical brain.

Snap Infraction are influenced by a wide range of artists, including The Beatles, Oasis, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen, Jellyfish, Rolling Stones, Elliott Smith, Sloan, Tom Petty, The Replacements, Ambulance LTD, Queens Of The Stone Age, King’s X, Supergrass, and Superdrag. About their musical approach, Steve says “”We like to make the kind of music that we would want to hear,” and Tony says, “We like guitars and amps and drums and harmonies so that’s what we play. We try not to overthink things.

After Snap Infraction played their first (and last) live performance at the International Pop Overthrow festival in Philadelphia in 2017, they released an EP entitled Stiff Arm in 2020, followed by a series of singles in 2021 including “I Try My Best,” “Second Chance” (for which you can read our review here) and “The Fall.”

Snap Infraction’s latest single, “Take The Blame,” came together quickly out of necessity; the band had already recorded the B-side “Once In A Lifetime Daydream,” and needed another track for the release. “This song took us by surprise. The plan was for ‘Once In A Lifetime Daydream’ (the B-side) to be the single and for another song to be the B-side. We were having trouble finishing the original B-side in time for our release deadline, so I quickly wrote ‘Take The Blame’ and we liked it so much, it became the single. From initial idea to release took about 30 days, which was kind of crazy,” Steve says. Partially inspired by a documentary on The Who (check the bass solo!), “Take The Blame” is a straight-ahead rock song with loud guitars and rollicking drums.

“Take The Blame” begins with rumbling bass, powerful electric guitar chords, and thundering drums. As the vocals join in for the first verse, the track’s catchy melodies take form, the bold chord progression of the guitar sustained quite nicely by the driving rhythms of the drums and bass. During the euphoric choruses, vocal harmonies and tambourine add a nice retro touch to the track’s garage rock sound, while an impressive bass solo midway through the track adds to its wonderfully dynamic and energetic atmosphere. “Take The Blame” is quite an enjoyable listen, demonstrating Snap Infraction’s inspired songwriting and brilliant musicianship; I would highly recommend this track to fans of garage-, classic- and indie rock alike.

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