Rya decides to take control of his own life, refusing to let time be wasted by treasuring from the years to the ‘SECONDS’ he’s been given. 

The London based multi-instrumentalist Rya is a twenty-two year-old who uses his knowledge of electronic music production and jazz influences to create a unique catalogue of multi-dimensional landscapes that best convey the richness and depth of his experiences. His captivating sound is one he obtained after years of experience performing live, as well as the time and moments shared with his childhood band, IMPACT. 

The blend of his talent (as both a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist), knowledge, and passion have made Rya become who he is today, and his music is a reflection of his growth throughout the years. 

SECONDS is the most recent example, as the alternative R&B single is Rya’s realization of how to live in the present and let go of past worries. As the artist takes you along the ride of his newest release, you might learn a different way of looking at life, too. 

As the song begins, it’s relaxed and low beat is victim to brief periods of stagnation, akin to those pauses from living people take to linger on and reminiscence about the past. While the rhythm of the beginning melody might feel like being stuck, the change in rhythm that will occur in the following seconds can change the original interpretation, maling it instead feel like waking up; though slightly confused and unaware about your surroundings, you’re gaining consciousness and getting ready to face the world. 

The moment the main beat changes to one with more strength and attitude, it feels as though you’re being transported into a new world. It is an organic change in melodies that feels a hundred percent right, assuring you that this is the way things are meant to be.

Throughout the duration of the song, the overpowering bass works as the heartbeat of the song. Contrasting beautifully with Rya’s softer vocals, this dichotomy between being extremely aware (found in the strength of the bass) and allowing yourself to close your eyes and life without a worry (conveyed through the artist’s light singing) manage to find a middle ground where they work together to give the message that having worries is normal, and losing yourself to relaxation is not ideal, but being laid back every once in a while and letting yourself be lead by your surroundings might be a good idea. 

Highlighting the pros of letting your creativity take control, Rya talks about how the track came to be. 

I wrote this track entirely from my bedroom, at a point when I wanted to develop into different genres and expand my sound. The song came easily and organically, as over lockdown, I’d spent a lot of time overthinking things, and I wanted to write about the feeling of being present, and in the moment.”

Nothing describes the state of “being present and in the moment” more than the instrumental breakdown that hits you unexpectedly in the second half of the track. With what seems to be a drop of water signaling a temporary change in tempo, the sudden introduction of.

It is no different from life itself, full of unexpected encounters and events. Living is not meant to be a monotone experience, and when something or someone new arrives into our life, it’s an invitation to risk giving it your attention and time in the hopes of receiving the reward of relief you didn’t miss out on a pleasant moment. In a song about making the best use of the time we have on earth, Rya uses both the lyrics and the instrumentals to hammer on the importance of letting go and allowing yourself to enjoy this newfound freedom. 

An undeniable original release that oozes love for life and himself, SECONDS channels and energy you would definitely appreciate in your life, and in your recent playlist just as much.

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