Syneye “In My Shadow”

Syneye‘s inner struggle becomes a vivid and emotion-heavy piece of art in the form of her single, ‘In My Shadow’.

Byname Morgane Matteuzzi, Syneye is a singer-songwriter and producer based in  Swiss Berlin. The singer has experienced synesthesia all her life, experiencing music in a way few can. With each sound having its own color, shape, and texture, her music (which is embedded with her heart) is one of a kind; her electronic sound, chosen because it is the genre that triggers her synesthesia the most, is a blend between serious and playful, never feeling too overdone or gloomy even when dealing with strong emotions. 

Released on the sixteenth of November, her debut single In My Shadow was personal in every step of the way; from the experience that inspired it all to the writing, recording, and producing stages, Syneye took care of it every step of the way in her student room. The track was mixed and mastered by Philip Larsen (Kylie Minogue, Studio Killers).

In My Shadow, as opposed to the name of the song, is a song about stepping out of the past and emerging past times of struggle. Inspired by Syneye’s own life and her fight to overcome a difficult period in her life, In My Shadow carries with it strength and independence. 

The song touches upon the overwhelming sensation of wanting to open up but not being ready to do so. At the same time, Syneye stands by her belief of not being forced to share before her it’s the right time; highlighted in lyrics such as “how can you tell me I’ll be alright when you don’t know what I’m going through?, the artist sends a message of not allowing others to tell you how you’re supposed to feel — only we understand our struggles, and though we might not want to hide the “truth” from others, nobody should come out with their story for someone else’s sake. 

With a duration of less than two and a half minutes, In My Shadow carries within it the energy of a lifetime and refuses to waste a single second. An electronic roller coaster inspired by Syneye’s emotions and a perfect example of how her synesthesia influences her perspective and art, the song contains flawless buildups and drops that make the listening experience feel new every time. Like a punch to the gut, it is a short lived experience that leaves you breathless. Like a gust of wind that hits your face and reminds you not just living: you’re alive

Containing warmer colors, namely red, brown, and yellow, and being surrounded in a thin veil of mystery, In My Shadow is a piece of Syeneye’s life and it holds the ability to fit into the listener’s heart and life in a different way, as the song is up for interpretation. However, its color scheme and the butterflies that come with this release give off a feeling of change, hopefully leading up to new and better moments in both the artist and the listeners’ life. 

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