Carpe Diem “Your Face, Your Fate”

Does your face predict your fate?
That’s the question asked by today’s single, which boldly tackles the topic of fate and what forms it really comes from. All of that while being an absolutely endearing tune. Listen to Your Face, Your Fate NOW!!!

Today’s artist is Carpe Diem, a two-headed group hailing from Hong Kong. The duo runs an airy gentle indie sound with folk influences. The magical earthly feel has a strong presence in the instrumentation in particular – acoustic guitar with many little guest instruments surrounding the beautiful female vocals. It’s a suitable sound for what their lyrics are all about – little stories reflecting on life and its multiple faces.

Their newest single is about fate, as one could possibly already tell from the title. Another hint provided by the song name – your face – dives into the world as we know it, where beauty is most often linked with success. That’s what this song was inspired by, the jaded understanding of fate. Carpe Diem explains how this song came to be:

“We saw a photo on the Internet showing the children born to a plastic surgery couple look so different from their parents. Some science-backed research stating beautiful people are better off in life. Attractive people usually get paid more, get considered for more jobs. While we like to think that people get ahead because of some magical combination of effort, talent, and knowing the right people, research shows that success is partly skin deep. When people pay more attention to their appearance, there is a tendency to having higher incidences of eating disorders, increased symptoms of depression, and more desire to have plastic surgery. “Does your face predict your face?” Is this true? There are still many people around us who do not rely on appearance but their expertise/ skills to explore their own world. We believe that destiny is in our hands, not due to our appearance, so we write this song.”

Carpe Diem

The message is serious and philosophical, beautifully represented by good lyric writing and further enhanced by the singer’s gentle voice. The song in itself feels much lighter and positive than one could perhaps expect. While discussing heavily relatable topics, the song doesn’t fail to bring a sense of lightness to the listener, as if it’s telling us to keep our head high and offering guidance to living as a person comfortable with oneself. It’s a beautiful song full of gentleness, the accompanying flute melody feels especially adorable. A must for anyone who loves a little bit of indie folk, acoustic guitar and soft easy vibes!

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