Mia Mormino “Alternate Reality”

Mia Mormino starts off the new year in the best way possible: unapologetic and honest, as she reveals how she ignores any hate and problems by living in an ‘Alternate Reality’.

Independent singer and songwriter Mia Mormino is more than just a pop star in the making. Though she’s certainly got the potential, as she’s amassed over 850k streams on Spotify, it is when it comes to being authentic that the Los Angeles native keeps herself refreshing and more attractive in the scene… Her struggles to keep being herself in a world where self-love can be hard and her openness about it within her music are what makes Mia Mormino’s discography something anyone can relate to.

Alternate Reality, released on the fourth of March, is a collaboration with artists SAM X and Ella Polleti. The electro-pop track deals with a topic that’s usually handled subtly or in a figurative sense in art: dissociation.  

“This song is about my tendency to disassociate when my life here on earth gets to be too much,” Mia opens up with, confirming the message the song is carrying. “Instead of handling my problems, I create alternate realities to temporarily escape to. I’ve now learned that this way of coping isn’t the healthiest but it sure is fun. A perfect example of this habit is every song I released in 2021. I portrayed a flight attendant, a princess, a boxer, a burlesque dancer, and an office employee throughout the span of seven singles and seven music videos. If that doesn’t scream “I escape to alternate realities” I don’t know what will!”

Perhaps its biggest difference from more commonly seen dissociation experiences is the control Mia seems to hold over herself while being in her other realities. There is a level of awareness the artist has over her coping mechanism preferences, as well as her creative process, which showcases her grasp on her life even when she’s taking a break from it — something that translates crystal clear into the track. 

Noticeable in several instances but especially prevalent during the chorus, where the electronic influences also come through the most, Alternate Reality contains a sense of dominance that works as a reminder of Mia’s mental fortitude and attitude; it is a reminder of who is calling the shots at the end of the day. The artist carries herself with great confidence, and the song itself feels more like having someone tempt you to join them and see the world in a different way, rather than go hide in a secret spot. 

With lyrics such as the self-explaining “I’m a bad bitch in my alternate reality” and the subsequent “Built myself a throne so that I can feel like royalty”, Mia makes it clear that needing to part from reality is not a sign of weakness at all and instead brings forth a new version of herself who does not let others step on her for any reason. Thus, this revelation throughout the track is not only how she keeps herself afloat, but how she pushes herself to bigger heights when faced with disaster in real life. 

The artist talked more about the experience writing the song, if it was ever a challenge, and her feelings towards Alternate Reality. 

“I wrote this track with two incredible artists, SAM X and Ella Polleti, and from start to finish it was an absolute blast. We really tested our creative boundaries and tried making the track as visual as possible without the aid of an actual visual such as a music video. I love storytelling so incorporating that element within Alternate Reality was a must.” 

Alternate Reality carries on with Mia Mormino’s message of self-empowerment, and her opening up and sharing her preferred method opens a gateway that allows artist and listener to share a deeper bond, if they are to relate to the track. Get ready to be transported to another plane with her newest electro pop hit. 

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