Angelina Luzi “Life”

The joy of wandering is an unknown feeling for those walking their paths with clear destinations. But when the world changes so suddenly like it has done in the recent couple of years, new viewpoints to Life open. Life is also the title of a new song, which is a story of discovering new places when the old and known suddenly became no more.

Italian singer-songwriter Angelina Luzi is back! Those who’ve been reading the blog often might remember her deep cinematic song “I Remain You Remain“, a watery bottomless sadness which sprouted from being forcibly separated from a person close to her. The song was also part of the artist’s new project that started with “Beast” and combines genre-crossing elements, her powerful and emotive vocals and life-inspired lyrical poetry into beautiful evocative indie electronica, produced by Nick Burns, who Angelina has been working closely with since lockdown.

When her previous singles have shown a heavier and more introspective side of the artist with strong cinematic ballads, her newest takes a step out into the sunshine. Titled “Life“, the song is absolutely full of it with popping and sparkling rhythms that twirl around and influence each other. What is a tad timid in beginning expands like a proper rainfall reinvigorating a dry landscape, with claps, plucked melodies and an array of other little particles joined by her wonderful energy-filled vocals. It’s a celebration at its finest and gives a very good idea what it feels like to discover a new incredible place close to you.

“Life’ is a song written in lockdown when my usual rushed routine triangle of home – rail station – work stopped suddenly. I soon realised that by taking new random walks in my neighborhood I would discover a magical forest just 10 minutes away from home. Suddenly I felt thrown into a parallel reality, as if the pavement underneath my feet cracked and opened for me to slip right through its cracks and find my self in the greenest and most peaceful of places. At he same time I felt so shocked for never allowing my self the time to just discover my surroundings by going away from my usual routine. It was a big lesson I learnt there and I am sure many can relate to similar experiences and realisations that came out of such a bleak moment, the silver lining in it all.”

Angelina Luzi

Jazzy, celestial, rhythmic with tribal elements, quiet and then exploding in full colors, the song represents the feeling of springing to life. If you’re out there on your path and there’s time, take a chance and pick a different path to explorations following the song’s rhythm. If you’re staying indoors for whatever reason, let the single take your mind for a refreshing trip. “Life” will stay by and inject with desire to explore!

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