V-Train “Sunset on the BLVD”

Echoing emotions that lie within every human person, V-Train runs his soft soothing lo-fi hip hop sound. Recently he released “Cold World” to ease the pain brought on by the honestly awful state the world is in. Another more recent release was “Sunday Service“, a warm-colored tune that looks back into the artist’s childhood and church congregations he took part of. Now, the Pennsylvanian music producer is back with a new single to bring peace to the weary and detach the listeners from the daily troubles.

V-Train aka multi-instrumentalist Vernon Jeffries is keen on expressing human emotions without using any words. Instead he makes use of the power of instrumental music, incorporating samples, soft piano melodies, muffled vocal slices and many more to produce music that helps listeners to feel simply at peace, and feel their emotions in a more balanced sort of way.

His new single, titled “Sunset on the BLVD”, is a smooth peaceful song that seeks to bring the listeners to a calm beach on a summer night to see the sunset and find peace in the stillness of the sea and color gradient of the sky. The song’s muffled atmosphere sounds like a memory, distant and with a sepia hue, but at the same time clear as the day. Soft and velvety atmosphere with a shimmer of chords underneath invite the eternal feeling of calm to take over and envelop with a blanket. Somehow it’s just extremely good at wiping away the worries and replacing with this sort of quiet stillness.

“Basically long story short, Sunset on the BLVD is meant to be a happy and calm song to balance out the majority of sad songs I’ve created. I want people who are listening to this song to imagine themselves on a beach or any quiet area watching the sun set as a way to relieve stress and anxiety they’ve felt. Kind of like meditation in a sense. Hope this is what you are looking for. Have a great day my friend.”


A good tune for anyone who seeks for a break of things and to enjoy the peace.

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