Nay Shalom- “Closure”

Hearing music can help you conduct your senses and lead them into a quasi-meditative state. It can center our attention to itself, as all that surrounds us seems to disappear. We are left alone with music. That is why certain ceremonial practices and rituals are accompanied by music: through various composition techniques, music helps enhance the experience by taking us to a different plane of existence. Something like that happens when hearing to Nay Shalom’s newest single “Closure“, a neoclassical music piece. Immersive and calming, Nay Shalom shows a surprising and sweet hidden side to her music career.

Nay Shalom is a Welsh composer who has been writing neoclassical music for the last ten years. Followers of the blog may have recognized her as one of the vocalist/keyboardist of the band Little Victories, whose tracks “Set In Stone” and  “Love Gets Me Down” we have covered. However, her solo work focuses on another side of her personality. Inspired by composers such as Ludovico Einaudi, Olafur Arnolds and Sharon Lynn Makarenko, her neoclassical work consists of calm piano pieces composed as a therapeutic way of aiding with Shalom’s insomnia. “Closure” is the latest piece in her ever-expanding oeuvre.

 This piece actually came together very calmly, very naturally and became my own little haven after making a very big decision last year. I was really struggling (not Covid related) and it took a big chunk of courage to walk away from something that was destroying me. It felt so very bitter sweet and I had a huge sense of both release and relief to end it all, hence the title. I actually can’t read music and have never had any lessons or grades so I play solely by ear. As a youngster I used to have real trouble falling asleep and my mama would be trying everything under the sun to help me drift off. Listening to classical piano was the one thing that worked, and so it inspired me to create pieces that would help listeners and other night owls like myself reach a sense of calm and tranquility within themselves and get those zzz. –Nay Shalom

“Closure” lays us into a sea of tranquility that calmly drags us away from the shore, allowing us to sleep in the deep ocean of music. Shalom’s piano sings us to sleep as if it was a lullaby. While its composition may appear at first simple, it is this simplicity what charms us in the first place. It traps us and invites us to listen further, where we discover the piece’s complexity at its inner core. A complexity in which we discover the piece’s emotional strenght. Before we know it, the piece’s emotions invade us and gently separate us from reality, as we enter a new state far from all the worries of our everyday live.

“Closure” is a rare gem. Nay Shalom has composed a minimalist neoclassical piece that helps us reach a sense of tranquility and meditation that we often do not experience in today’s society. Something everyone needs to experience at least once.

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